About Us

Welcome to Curl Gurl! A brand created in Sydney Australia during lockdown in the height of the pandemic, ready to emerge into the world at the start of 2021 for a fresh new beginning.

Curl Gurl was made for the busy woman who is self-driven, focused, and thrives on independence. A Curl ‘Gurl’ has no time for playing games - in life, with people, or her hair!

The Curl Gurl Auto Waver was created to solve many problems that come with traditional heat curling including excessive time, uneven curls, tired arms, burns, fried hair, and curls that don’t last. Like we said... us gurls don’t have time for that!

We have created this game-changing product that tackles these issues once and for all, and achieves you those flawless bouncy waves that perfectly frames and softens the face while enhancing your overall look in no time.

We’re all about efficiency, productivity and getting s*** done, and exuding confidence, empowerment and femininity while we’re at it!

Here’s to gurls who are ready to take on the world, one curl at a time!